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This is the 'Lone Star' flag of Texas.  It has flown over the Republic of Texas for 9 years, and over the State of Texas for 156 years.  Long may it wave. Howdy: I'm the Texican, an' I'm glad to meet ya.  I hope you enjoy my spread, an' find somethin' that you need. Howdy, Yawl,
Welcome to this web site. I hope you find somethin' that you need.
Thanks for stoppin' by,
the Texican

This is the State Seal of Texas. The following services are brought to you FREE, courtesy of the Texican.

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This is the 'Lone Star' flag of Texas, flying over the State of Texas.
What this web site is about:

I purchased this domain name a few months back, and have been too busy creating another web site to do anything with it. In fact, a have not decided WHAT to do with it, yet.

I have been getting my e-mail at netzero.net since I went online, as you probably know, and it has always been FREE. A few months ago, they decided to limit everyone to 40 free hours a month. That was ok, as I had another ISP to use for browsing, but now, as of August, 2001, they are limiting everyone to only 10 free hours each month. That isn't even enough time for me to check my e-mail every day.

So, for the present, I have decided to find a free host for this domain name and use it just for e-mail. I will decide what to do with it when I have more time.

the Texican

These are the 254 counties of the State of Texas.

This is the Texas flag superimposed on an outline of the state. What is a Texican ?
Before 1836, as settlers moved into Texas, which was then owned by Mexico, the settlers were frequently called "Texicans", as citizens of Mexico were called "Mexicans". They were called "Texians" and "Texans" as well. In 1836 they won their independence from Mexico, and declared themselves a Republic. After this, they were called "Texans". They stayed a republic until 1845 when they were admitted into the Union.
This is the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas. At the left is the
Alamo, in San
Antonio, Texas.

At the right is the
Texas State Capital,
in Austin, Texas,
on a 4th of July.
This is the State Capital of Texas, in Austin, Texas, on the 4th of July.

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